Materials and Process:

How we value and describe objects depends on our perception based on our needs and wants. A well-known idiom says, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!” No matter who uses it, all materials are combinations of elements that take on many forms. According to the arrangement, unique properties emerge. This process inspires MatterForms creations. It is experimental and playful!

In essence, MatterForms is an attempt at finding interesting ways discarded components can be manipulated and combined to create beautiful, useful and unique objects.

The parts used for MatterForms creations are often from machines that I have interacted with during my work as a mechanic. However I try to work with any interesting component that comes my way. Many hours are spent cleaning and manipulating to determine the ways each component can be used. I observe the different qualities of each: their strengths and weaknesses as well as their aesthetic features.

Each piece is handcrafted through a progressive design process harnessing the inherent qualities of the components. Some MatterForms creations are multi functional while the larger structures are built in modular segments to facilitate transportation and to allow for different arrangement patterns.